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Welcome to the Zentangle Projects Page!

There will be many projects on this page like how to make zentangle bookmarks, phone cases, and much more! be sure to check out the Zentangle Gallery page to check out our creations and even creations made by other people! Email us on the contact page and send us a pic of your creation for your work to be displayed. Your name will only be shown if in your email you say that you want it to be and what name you want us to use.

How to make a Zentangle Phone Case

Do you have a plain,boring,clear phone case?Is it really expensive to buy a new,cool,case?If these conditions apply,a zentangle phone case is a great idea.It looks cool,and you have made it!Zentangle phone cases are also flipible,and easily replacible!To make one,you need:

First cut the paper to match your phone. Be sure to include the hole for the camera! Use the pencil to make an outline of the phone case. Then use scisorrs to cut the phone shape out. Use the pencil to make zentangle designs- you can do as many as you want- then flip it over and do the same thing. Put it in the clear phone case and attach it on the phone. You made your own DIY phone case with nothing but paper! Now go show it to your friends and give them this site so they can build their own! Zentangle Phone Case